Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hanging with friends

I had an opportunity to sing backup for a good friend of mine who is looking to get into the music industry. We sang at a pretty prominent benefit in Chicago last weekend. They had a profound speaker by the name of Simon Bailey if you've never heard of him I encourage you to google him. He has written several books. He's an awesome speaker & he's inspired me to find my genius that's hidden inside. Wish me look with that because I tend to start things that I have a natural knack for but never follow it to completion where it would benefit me. Any who here's a few shots from that benefit. You will see that I colored my hair again it turned out great it seems to be a deeper red, which I like, & less copper.

My friend Undrah is in here too I featured him in my blog when he was three months loc'd, he has a year in now.

A quick shout out to Karen from Natural Hair Beauty I was one of the winner's in her giveaway for having 300 subscribers! Thanks Karen for the nice jewelry & the extra surprise!