Monday, June 29, 2009

How Time Does Fly

I can't believe how month's 9 & 10 blew by & I didn't even post about my hair! LOL
So I figured I should post something about what I've noticed about my hair in these last two months.

The first thing I can say I noticed in the last two month's is growth & density. My hair seems to have taken on a life of its own. My hair seems buoyant or should I say spongy feeling. It's hard to describe it, it seems springy, bouncy if you pull on it, it just sort of bounces back to where it was. Also my hair seems to have grown quite a bit in these last two months. I haven't been able to wear my hair in a ponytail without it looking a bit juvenile. Now I can pull it up & have hang time! I know most of the ladies call it a pineapple, well I'm well on my way to having a pineapple. LOL

The thin area in the top is almost non-existent. Meaning I can conceal it without much effort now where before I would spend quite a bit of time maneuvering my loc's over that spot so you couldn't see it.

I'm still braiding & banding. I was given the okay to not do it anymore but for some reason when my loctician told me it was okay I decided to try conditioning my hair as well. My loctician didn't give me the okay to do that I did it on my own & my ends loosened up a lot! Of course when I went in for my re tightening session she fussed at me & told me I need to braid & band again to see if my ends will go back on their own. I'm hoping they will, otherwise I'll be in her chair for hours repairing the loc's with the really loose ends. She tells me it's a long process so I'm praying my ends will begin to seal up on their own. I did this like three month's ago & those ends are still pretty loose. Most of my ends are still curly though as I'm not fully loc'd yet. The loc's in the back seem to be loc'ing quicker than the rest of my hair.

I am also receiving more comments & compliments from people now. They're asking what do I have, twists or braids which of course i have neither so hence the opportunity to tell them about loc's comes into play. I live in an area where loc's really aren't popular with the ladies. There are a lot of men in this area that have loc's though. If you do see women here with them they are mostly the traditional loc's. I have to say I've only seen a handful of women in this area that have either sister lock's or micro loc's. This area is popular for the weaves & lace front wigs. I must say though that when I go to Milwaukee I've been seeing more natural heads lately, which is cool. I wish a lot more of our sister's could see the stress that they're putting on their crowns using perms & gluing hair on top of their hair(the famous quick weave).

Overall I'm totally pleased with my hair. I wish I would have loc'd sooner, when I first started looking at all of the pretty sister locked ladies on the web two years ago. I can only imagine how my hair would look now if I had loc'd sooner.

This first year has thus far been a blast watching the changes in my hair & how other's have also watched the changes as well. I told my loctician Janela that before she knows it she'll be pulling her loc's out because she won't be able to keep up with all of the people coming through her shop. Who knows maybe I'll take the class & become a certified loc consultant & join her in business to help her out! I wanted to post a picture sorry this isn't the best one. I haven't been feeling very photogenic. LOL
Happy Loc'ing!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Intriguing Read

Good morning ladies,

I am an avid reader of The Writing Addict's Blog On The Road To Queendom. She has a recent post titled "Oppressed Hair" & told me it's okay to share. So please stop by her blog & check out this post. The excerpt is written by Alice Walker.

It's a bit lengthy so make sure you have time to read it. I was intrigued by it & felt some of what she had written was my personal experience with going natural & finding myself during this transition. I'm sure if you read this post it will touch you in some way as well.

Happy Reading & Have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

She Made It!

My baby graduated from high school this past Sunday! Why am I excited you ask? Well my daughter had a rocky high school career & for a moment things seemed a bit grim. She got it together though & made it!

She's moving to California in August to attend school for music. Let's pray that she stays focused & succeeds in her college career.