Saturday, April 25, 2009

8 Months

I'm 8 months loc'd today! I've been too busy to really sit down & blog about it. I just wanted to recognize my 8th month milestone today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Furniture Update

Two days after my first post about the chair my salesman returned my call. I told him what my concerns were about the chair & that overall I was not happy with it. He informs me that he would have to contact the manufacturer of the chair & see what they would like to do. Well first off I didn't buy the chair from the manufacturer I bought it from him, so I tell him I'm a little concerned because of this. If I gave You my money why are we talking to the manufacturer? He goes on to explain to me that different furniture manufacturer's rent space on their floor, yada, yada, yada. He is by the way being very nice about it but I didn't care, I don't want this chair & what are you gonna do about it? I didn't get jazzy with him though, I told myself to be nice because I want my money back or another chair! So I accept what he says & he let's me know that he'll be back in touch by Monday.

Well he kept his word & called back yesterday evening. He told me we can return the chair & we can get another one for equal or lesser value. I'm happy about that but there's one negative. I have to pay a restocking fee of $125.00

We went back to the store that Friday with the chair. I failed to mention that we had to travel about 45 minutes to pick up the chair to avoid paying their $85 delivery fee. Back to what I was saying, we went back to the store & did not see anything in the store that we wanted to take home. So we ended up doing another special order chair. This time though the salesman did some measuring of a chair that we tried out that would be big enough but the style was all wrong. So he compared those measurements to the chair that we saw in the book that we liked. So now we're waiting another month to get this chair that we'll have to travel another 45 minutes to pick up. Hopefully this time we got it right.
The lesson I've learned in this though is that I will not be doing any more special ordering of furniture. To much of a hassle.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Alright ladies here's your chance, my loctician has several items in her etsy shop marked down to $5.00 until further notice. It's your chance to check out her craftsmanship without breaking your pocketbook. Maybe we should call this the Recession Sale? Who knows, anywho check her out at SheaBrojae's. Hurry on up now before it's all gone! Everybody loves a sale!

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Furniture

I'm a little perturbed right now. Here's why. I purchased furniture late Feb. I bought a two piece sectional w/a large ottoman and a chair. Well we got the sectional & ottoman right away but I had to order the chair, which by the way was not part of the sectional. Well the chair came this past wednesday & I don't like it. Why? Well, 1. It's smaller than what I expected. 2. It has a drawer on the bottom of it that I had no clue about. 3. When you sit on the chair the drawer pops open.
I don't know what I'm going to do, I tried calling my salesman when I got home & he was on his day off. Well let me tell you this store has an all sales final & no refund policy! I spent over $800 on this chair! I'm hoping the salesman, who by the way is the store owner's son, will work with me. Do an exchange or something.
Stay tuned I'll let you know what the outcome will be & if you have any suggestions by all means please leave a comment.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Friend Undrah (pronounced Andre)

This my good friend Undrah, really he's like my brother. I've been intending to do an interview with him since he got his loc's, but never really got around to doing the interview I did get a few pics of his loc's though. He's been loc'd since mid January & these pic's were taken in February. Talk about putting things off. Well I figured since we never got around to doing the interview to put on the blog I figured hey just post the pics. So here he is in his first month loc'd.

Undrah started his loc's with back comb twists and has to go in biweekly to have his new growth twisted. And yes he loves his loc's!Photobucket

Who knows maybe somewhere down the road we'll get around to his interview. LOL

Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick Attempt

This is just a quick attempt at a style that I tried last weekend. We were going out with some friends & I was wearing my hair freestyle. Well we were going to an upscale restaurant & I wanted to do something nice to my hair. What I did was pull the back up in the middle & pinned it . Then I took the sides in the back & crossed them over the middle like a basket weave. Then I rolled the top with my steam rollers. It came out really nice. I don't think the pictures really did the style any justice though.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Uh Oh

Sad news! I had an appointment with my loctician saturday, and sadly she told me I have to go back to the banding & braiding routine. ;-( Well let me just tell you what I did. This was my second time washing without banding & braiding, and in my mind I figured I would condition my hair. I said to myself, self, just try it, you're going to get retightened today anyway. Well I shouldn't have done it. My loctician took one look at my hair & said "What is going on with your hair?" My ends got really loose & curly they looked like shirly temple curls. She thinks that she may have to restitch my ends. We're going to wait a couple of weeks & see what my hair does. I just pray that we won't have to do that.
Some good things did come out of my visit though, I left out with a really cute style done by her new braider/stylist Tiffany and I bought some new pieces as well!

The orange set with the copper is a hair tie with matching earrings, a ponytail holder, and her newest creation a Tif Stick! You know those sticks that people stick in their updo's? Well Janela has created her own. It came from an idea of her new braider/stylist Tiffany. These new items should be uploaded on etsy soon so check there often to get yours!