Monday, June 20, 2011

Poor Neglected Blog

Hello blog world! lol

I haven't written since November!! Well I'm so consumed with knitting who has time to write! Not to mention nothing fabulous has really been going on with my hair. I wanted to write in though since my 3 yr mark is approaching. So here's a quick synopsis of what's been going on with me. Knitting, knitting, & more knitting, LOL, didn't I say I was obsessed? Yep I am obsessed with the needles. I've been making tons of items. All of my friends received knitted gifts for Christmas & I've also sold several items. I also did another 30 day detox this year in March & got down to my lowest weight in over 20 yrs!! I feel great & my skin & body loves me for it! Now I'm fighting to keep the weight off, the fat girl inside is fighting to get back out. LOL

I wish I could post all of the pics of things I've been knitting, I take photos of it all to keep a photo journal of all my projects. Here are a few things & one shot of me going to the Eric Benet & Kem concert from this past weekend. Lawd I hope I still have readers!!! LOL
Have a great summer because I probably won't write again anytime soon. LOL, you know, busy knitting but you can always catch me on facebook!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


I guess as you can see I haven't had much to say about my hair. LOL Of course I'm loving it but as of right now it needs to be colored & I'll probably do that before thanksgiving. Oh lord how I hate my gray halo!! LOL My loc's are 27 months old now & they are doing their own thing.

As of late I have been a knitting fanatic working on two projects at a time. I take an easy project to work with me to work on in down time & I work on a more difficult project at home where I'm not being disturbed. I just finished a beautiful poncho for myself. I have yet to seam up a shrug I made for my sister-in-law, hopefully I'll get that done by the end of the week. And now I have two more projects going. A baby sweater for my friends g-baby which is due to arrive any day now & a cowl which I'll probably give as a Christmas gift to a friend. And I'm constantly looking at different patterns of things I want to make so I think this qualifies me as addicted!!!

I'm also a self proclaimed Zumba addict! I teach two classes a week & attend three other classes that my bestie teaches as well. And if all goes well I'll be teaching an additional two classes a week for a six week stint. Maybe if I work on my eating w/all of this zumba I can be a size 10 one day! LOL Who am I fooling I've never been a size ten in life!! I'm healthy though & that's all that matters.

Here are some pics of my poncho, let me put a disclaimer out here, lol, these are not hair shots!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy 2 Year Lociversary to Me!!!!!

OMG I can't believe this time has come this quickly!!! I can recall vividly scouring through many blogs admiring those who have started this journey before me. Having some serious loc envy, which I still do by the way, and wondering if my loc's will look like theirs. I can recall the day I went in to start my loc's. I went in with 6 inches of natural hair so I just knew I would not have the stringy chicken looking loc's! Boy was I wrong, I'm thin in the top front portion so that was really evident for the first three months. I was all prepared to be my loctician's poster child, I was her first client for microloc's, so I was anticipating great things right out of the gate. Crazy because I knew from looking at other blogs that my loc's were not going to look mature but I had high hopes because I had a healthy head of natural hair. Well I don't think I lost the chicken head look until around month 3 & it's been all gravy from there!

I got a new color for my two year lociversary it's called RED HOT!!! I love the new color & I may keep it for awhile.

I've enjoyed watching my hair evolve into what it has become in two years & I'm sure the next year will be even more thrilling!

Oh wait I have to tell y'all this: So last night I'm at church for a rehearsal & one of the older ladies looked at my hair & says........I don't like your hair like that! me: REALLY? Why? now mind you her hair is unkempt & standing on top of her head!!! Then she tells me she doesn't know why she doesn't like it & proceeds to ask me would her hair look good like mines. I told her well you wouldn't have to worry about a comb ever again (not that I think she did anyway)LOL!
So then I decided to change the subject & ask her about baking or something off the wall so she'd get off my hair!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just to Clarify

Hi all just to clarify for some new readers. I do not have sisterlocks. I had someone post a comment on an old post about the grid/parts in my hair. I've never said that I've had sisterlocks, even if you read my profile you would see that I don't have them but guess what my loc's are the bomb!!! LOL

My loc's are 22 months old now & I have some friends who do have sisterlocks that have loc envy over my locks. I plan on doing a photoshoot for my 2 year anniversary so stay tuned!!!This is just a pic of me doing my favorite thing ZUMBA! We were doing a demonstration for Juneteenth day this past Saturday.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A New Hobby

OK I have to tell you guys this. I have a new hobby......knitting!!!! LOL I'm getting teased something terrible right now about it too. I have to tell you how this started.

I was surfing the web one day & ran across this website & fell in love with her work. She crochets all types of cute things you have to check her out. Sooooo because some of her things were a little expensive, & now I understand why, I decided hey why not learn how to do this myself. Well I ended up learning to knit instead of crochet. I do plan on learning how to crochet a bit later though after I get this knitting thing mastered. I also should add that yes I have purchased several things from her & I love them all, I just figured hey I could learn a craft.
I am hooked you guys, I'm always online looking for easy patterns & there are so many out there that are free too! I've finished my first project a neck warmer, I'll post the pics of that. Well for some reason I can't post the pics of the neck warmer. I'm currently working on a baby sweater for my four month old little cousin. I'm making a size 18mo because I didn't know how long it would take me to make it but it's coming along pretty quickly. I'll post pics of my progress of that as well. Heck I just may start a knitting blog!!! The last side of the front of the sweater is what's on the needle now. I started knitting this sweater on Mother's Day. So I'm almost two weeks in & I thought it would take me a lot longer to get this done. If I would have known I would have made it a size smaller & he would be able to wear it sooner. But I guess if he keeps growing at the rate he's going he'll be in it soon enough.
Stay tuned for more knitting projects I love this stuff. I can't wait to get more experienced where I can make things with more detail.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Been A While

Hey Blog Fam!!
I've been away for awhile, just busy, busy, busy!!!! I'm officially what I call a ZumbaHead(lol)! If you're not familiar with Zumba check it out here. I'm so hooked that I am going for my certification this saturday in Chicago. I have my own class lined up on Tues & Thurs & I also attend my best friends classes, she's also an instructor. I attend her classes two to three times a week depending on my work schedule along with also attending bootcamp/kickboxing classes twice a week. So sometimes I'm working out two hours a day & I love it! I'm also participating in a biggest loser challenge in the workplace which has been interesting. I go up & down on the scale from week to week, which I don't understand because I'm working out so much.

I went to DisneyWorld two weeks ago for a week. Who would have thought going to DisneyWorld without children could be so much fun? I took tons of pics, we went to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios.
A quick hair update. I LOVE MY LOC'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hair is fully loc'd now front to back, no more curly q's. I miss my curly q's though. I love how my hair blows in the wind. I love my length, it's almost shoulder length now I find myself pulling my hair out of my collar now. I'm not sure how long I really want it to get though before I cut it. Here's a few pics from my trip


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hanging with friends

I had an opportunity to sing backup for a good friend of mine who is looking to get into the music industry. We sang at a pretty prominent benefit in Chicago last weekend. They had a profound speaker by the name of Simon Bailey if you've never heard of him I encourage you to google him. He has written several books. He's an awesome speaker & he's inspired me to find my genius that's hidden inside. Wish me look with that because I tend to start things that I have a natural knack for but never follow it to completion where it would benefit me. Any who here's a few shots from that benefit. You will see that I colored my hair again it turned out great it seems to be a deeper red, which I like, & less copper.

My friend Undrah is in here too I featured him in my blog when he was three months loc'd, he has a year in now.

A quick shout out to Karen from Natural Hair Beauty I was one of the winner's in her giveaway for having 300 subscribers! Thanks Karen for the nice jewelry & the extra surprise!