Saturday, May 30, 2009

And the Winner's Are.........

We ended the giveaway a little early tonight being there were no more entrants. I would like to thank KayExquisite, Meikmeika & MsFullroller for entering the giveaway. I promise the winner's will not be disappointed.

The winner of the hair tie is...........Meikmeika!

The winner of the Tif Stik is...........KayExquisite!

Ladies please email me your information at

For the rest of you ladies out there who missed our first giveaway you will get your chance, there will be other giveaway's in the future.

Have a Blessed Night

Last Chance

This is the last day for the Giveaway ladies! We will be doing the drawing tonight so get those last minute entries in!
Good Luck!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bit More Insight

Good Morning ladies!

The giveaway is drawing to a close on Saturday. We would love to have a few more entrants for the drawing on Saturday night so please leave your comments.

I just wanted to give you a little more insight into the world of SheaBrojae's. You see it's not just some fly by night just trying to get started. SheaBrojae's is an actual business trying to spread it's wings past it's actual door's & reach the masses of people who are loc'd or natural heads in the Internet world. SheaBrojae's has a mission to have it's jewelry, hair accessories & skin care line reach more than just the local folk. Here are some pics of what happens in the door's of SheaBrojae's & don't forget to enter into the giveaway if you win you just may receive a little surprise!
Have a Blessed Day

Friday, May 22, 2009

Neglected Giveaway?

Alright ladies my loctician is feeling a bit unloved right now. Why do you ask? Because noone has left any comments on the giveaway! Did I not post the pics clear enough? If so please let me know & I can take better picture's & repost them. I'll also extend the giveaway until next weekend 5/30/09.
Please leave a comment I promise you will not be disappointed in her craftsmanship.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jerome is that You?

This post is especially for Carmennc of tomokas twist fame her & I were tweeting yesterday & she told the twitter world she saw Jerome. I had to beg to differ because Jerome showed up at my daughter's prom driving a limo! So Carmen here's my sighting of Jerome. You let me know what you think. For you other ladies who stop by my blog on occasion if you're not familiar with who Jerome is he's the character Martin Lawrence sometimes played on his show "Martin"Now I have to tell ya'll how country this dude was. He pulls up by the school, he's talking on his cell phone & he doesn't even get out to let the kids out of the car! Once the kids are out, he heard the crowd calling out to him, which is because everybody saw those country old school finger waves in his hair & his gold teeth & somebody starts shouting Jerome's in the house! So he steps out of the limo & begins posing for the camera's! Can ya'll see his teeth they were gold too! LOL

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Baby On Her Way to Prom!

I just wanted the world to see how beautiful my baby looked on her way to prom. She knew what she wanted in terms of her dress, her makeup & her hair, and I helped her with the rest but overall this look is what she wanted! I wanted to cry when she got dressed because she just looked so glamorous. I hope she's having the time of her life tonight considering she had a long day. Enjoy the pics!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I Colored my loc's!

I did it you guys! I couldn't take the gray halo anymore. So since I was scheduled for a retight I called my loctician & let her know what I wanted to do. Of course she instructed me to braid & band my hair. I used the Loreal for Dark Hair it's the same color I've been using since I've been coloring my own hair.

I braided my hair in smaller sections than usual because I wanted to make sure the color got through the braids thoroughly. It seems like it took forever to get it all braided up, excuse the picture's I know I'm not looking the cutest just wanted to show the process as I went along, sort of like an editorial (that is if blogger will let me add the pics the way I want to show them). Then I got my gloves, color, color enhancer, towel and shower cap out & got busy. I got all of the color in my hair. I thought I got it in there pretty good but when I took my hair down the next day I could see in the back that it didn't get through in an entire section in the back. It got on the ends really good though. So here are the results. I realize that it didn't get all the way through in the back I was really more concerned about getting rid of the halo in the front which I was successful at getting rid of yaay! So ladies let me know what you think!

Monday, May 11, 2009

SheaBrojae's First Official Giveaway via New2locs!

As you all can tell from previous posts I am all about helping my loctician promote her jewelry through my blog. She is the most talented person I know. She's always creating something be it mixing shea butter for hair & body products, making beautiful jewelry or creating beautiful loc's for the newbies. She's successful in her own right locally but I know if we put forth effort she can be successful on the web! So we were trying to see how we can get more people to shop at her etsy site. I told her about the other loc'd ladies who are also promoting their jewelry or hair accessories by having a giveaway on their blogs. Well we decided why not try it ourselves and see what type of response we can get from the readers.

So here's the deal we have two items to giveaway I will post the items at the bottom of this post. First we're giving away a beautiful Tif Stik with a brown cowry shell & a black bead hand painted with green & bronze hues. Also we're giving away a hair tie with matching earrings. The hair tie & earrings are copper with speckled azure blue beads. So here's the deal my Nubian loc'd princess' you have until midnight May 23rd to leave a message about which item you're interested in and how you can rock it!

For some reason blogger is not allowing me to post the pictures in the order that I want them!